Thursday, 20 December 2012


Hello folks! Just in case anybody is still reading this, we're back at our old address - so get your arse over to and rejoin the family in time for Christmas. :)

Sunday, 1 July 2012


DOSF still completely up the wall as of 01/07/2012. Emails have been sent to Schoolmat. At this point I don't believe it's a hack - more likely a crashed server, as none of Schoolmat's pages are working either.

I remain optimistic. Please spread the word, folks - if you're in contact with any members who may not know about this page, let them know and ask them to spread it too. We simply cannot rely on If we have to move to another server, we'll also have to get another domain name - and any developments on that front or any other will be announced here... so I'd like to get as many people as possible to know about it.

Saturday, 30 June 2012

DOSF DOWN 30/06/2012

DOSF is down once again.

No idea why, no idea for how long, no idea how to contact our host. (All attempts to contact Schoolmat have gone unanswered since April.)

Also no response from Vampirella and MEMI4 at their last known addresses.

Let's give it a few days and see what happens. If it stays down and I'm still unable to contact anybody, I'll look into getting a new server up and running.

I'm meeting Cheeseman66 for a drink this evening so we'll discuss how to proceed.

Sit tight, ladies and gentlemen... :)

Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Ok, have at it, folks! DOSF is back on the air.

Sorry, you'll have to re-register at the new forum...

Sunday, 28 August 2011

And more progress...

Testing the new server continues apace. New version of vBulletin is GREAT. Won't be long now, folks. :)

Saturday, 27 August 2011


The new server is up and running with the latest version of vBulletin. I'm currently testing things and rebuilding the basic forum structure. Everything seems to be working so far (I'm loving the new attachments feature) and is definitely a nice upgrade for DOSF.

We'll be back soon. :)

Friday, 26 August 2011


It appears that somebody has the wrong end of the stick (see comments in "I'm Back" below) and has come to the conclusion that the hack happened because hackers found a backdoor into the forum courtesy of my exposed iTunes account.

For the record, hackers hacked DOSF and THEN hacked my iTunes account using the information they found in the DOSF database. I have already explained this twice.

For those who are worried about the exposure of personal information - the only information they could have about you is the email address you used to sign up for DOSF (hopefully not your general purpose email address - shame on you if you signed up for an Internet messageboard about sexual deviancy using an email address that was in any way important to you) and MAYBE the password you used to log in to DOSF.

If you use that password anywhere else on the internet (and you SHOULDN'T be if you have half a brain in your head; if you use the same password everywhere, and your password is broken, whoever broke it now has access to every single resource you use online. Does anybody care to admit to being that stupid?) you should change it now. Standard process when a password is compromised - change it.

If it can happen to Sony, it can damn well happen to us.